stinky feet be gone.. Hapi Feet are here!

I asked my friend if she had something to help with stinky feet and she sent me her Hapi Feet products. She has these amazing gardens and uses them to incorporate into her products. I should add I saw results in the FIRST application!

I inherited my dads feet… stinky, sweat, calloused feet.  Like seriously disgusting smelly feet… You know they are bad when your own feet make you want to leave the room!


Those two little containers took my feet from this……….cropped-logo-stinky-smelly-feet-pic-feet - Copyimages - Copy

To this!!!!!!!FTxtOLe - Copy

My shoes that stunk no longer do, my sweaty feet that smelled so bad I could barely stand them no longer do. With the exception of when I use my old worn out shoes for walking and my feet are sweating horribly, the smell has gone away. I cannot say enough about Kathy or her products. Every item she makes is done with such love and detail it is incredible. I have had oils for aches, oils for helping me sleep, oils for helping with stress and every single item is top notch. Please check her out at Wild Woman Herbal. She will answer any questions you may have.

Sadly (or blessedly) my blog does not have smelloblog or I could share the amazing transformation my feet have gone through!! Thank you so much Kathy for always helping me!

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