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what a crazy 5 months

July 20, 2015 I decided to start clean eating and to use the 21 Day Fix basis and Shakeology. I started this journey with these stats:

  • weight – 280
  • neck – 16.5
  • arm – 16
  • chest – 56
  • waist – 50.5
  • hips – 54.5
  • thigh – L 24.75 R 25
  • calf – L 15.5 R 15.5
  • 274.25 inches and BMI 54.2

I started it not being able to walk more than 5 minutes or so without being in pain and winded to now walking 7-15 miles a day. My blood pressure was 140/120 on medicine it is now 100/59. I was type 2 diabetic. My cholesterol was 242 and now is 136. I reversed my diabetes and eliminated 10 medications a day. Wore a size 26/28 pants and now wear size 16. Total inches lost 48.75 and 70 pounds!!

I love this new lifestyle and it is completely sustainable. I can eat this way for the rest of my life. To think that one protein packed shakeology shake and 4-5 small meals throughout the day could give me these results is amazing.

Today December 20, 2015 my stats are:

  • weight – 210
  • neck – 14.25
  • arm – 12
  • chest – 45.75
  • waist – 39.75
  • hips – 45.75
  • thigh – L 20 R 19.5
  • calf – L 14.25 R 14.25
  • 225.5 inches and BMI 45.5

The pants in this picture are 24’s when I started I was a 26/28! My struggle now is accepting that with losses this big you have skin that sags… I know it can take 2 years for your body to adjust so I keep reminding myself of that. Excess skin or not I would not trade my new health, outlook or feelings for it. Hopefully it minimizes if not there are remedies if need be. But I still have a ways to go so am doing my best to not let it get me down. Some days that is easier than others. It is all a part of this journey and I embrace it saggy skin and all!


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