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This is going to be a LONG blog but it tells a story, the story of the path I was walking, the path I struggle to walk and the path I am now walking. It was eye opening and I love seeing where I am now. I tell people that this is so much more than the scale, I think opening oneself up to the pain, the understanding, the failures and the successes is what helps us truly move on and be successful at whatever journey we decide to take.

I am so looking forward to 2016, I will not be making resolutions but rather commitments…. Commitment to continue eating healthy, exercising, losing weight and inches and continuing to change my perceptions to realities. I will continue to be thankful for the amazing people brought into my life this last year since starting this new journey and be thankful for those who have been in my life and continue to be in it. I will be thankful for every little thing, large or small that happens in my life and I will be thankful for the successes and the failures because those failures make me appreciate the successes even more so. I will continue to heal myself from within and I will strive to be the person I think others think I am. I will continue to step outside my comfort zone and embrace this amazing new life that Shakeology, Beach Body and the amazing groups that I am part of have helped me achieve.

Last night I forced myself to go downtown for a party with friends I went to school with, it is so outside what I am comfortable doing….but thanks to my wonderful friends helping nudge me I went and it was amazing!

A friend asked me the story behind a post the other day. It was easier to copy the blog I had done regarding it. After reading it I was astounded at how different things are right now. Just HOW much this new eating and exercising lifestyle has changed every aspect of my life, that the simple act of feeding my body in turn fed my soul. I decided to look back at random blogs I had done and look at the path my journey has taken me.
Even though I truly dedicated myself to make changes in July 2015, this blog and struggle to take back my life started in 2013. This is the first blog where I talked about my health and wanting to change things. On May 16, 2013 I wrote What’s it going to Take it is about my slowly realizing I need to make changes… although I stumbled many times since that post I think it did start in motion the beginnings of this journey.
June 9, 2013 was a hard time… Guilt She is a Bitch was written at time I was feeling vulnerable and guilty and who know what all I was feeling. Reading I am so sad that I spent so many years beating myself up for perceived wrong doings. I am happy to say I do not do that nearly as much and I think I may slowly be forgiving myself.
August 16, 2013 I had a Painful Epiphanies… every year since my sons accident I have periods in August where I just get sad. This blog explains the reasons behind that but I am happy to say that, although still sad at the issues still affecting him, I no longer grieve that part of my son I lost but embrace the son he has become. He and his girlfriend are expecting my first grandson any day now.. life it full of reasons to celebrate where he is today.
Memories  have always escaped me at least the happy warm fuzzy ones…the memories that do stay with me are often painful ones.
In December of 2014 I moved from the toxic place I had lived for 7 years to my new apartment. I had such high hopes, this was going to be the place where I no longer allowed negativity to invade my space, I was going to start losing weight and getting healthy… and then my sweet lil pup Luna died. My daughter had her heart broken but has created this new wonderful life and life happened and true to form I let it derail me. But for all the bad, good did come of that last year.
If I ever doubt how far I have become this post shows me! To think I now walk between 7-15 miles a day typically is amazing. To have gone from July when I could barely even Thanksgivingwalk around my parking lot to what I do now is amazing! My behavior on this day was appalling.. I am so happy I am not longer that incredibly angry person.
Clean eating has changed so much more than just my weight. It has helped me conquer mountains literally! 9 weeks in I did comparison pictures and man oh man!!! Enter Thanksgiving and I am down from 280.4 to 218! I dog sat for a friend and had a nice healthy salad for my Thanksgiving dinner. For the first time in probably EVER I did not gain on the holidays! My perceptions have become so much clearer than ever before. My changing body and health is mind boggling to me! 5 months after starting this journey I have had amazing results.

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