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Tips When Losing Weight

I shared this in a challenge group that is starting tomorrow and thought I would share here as well. It is so important to remember the BIGGER picture!

I am so excited to start this challenge! I weighed and measured today (have not done so in 2 week) and was reminded what happens occasionally so thought I would share. I still eat 99 % clean but I have been kind of eye balling my container counting so plan on being 100 % this next 21 days!
For me, who has a lot of weight to lose, it can get frustrating when the scale does not budge or does not move as fast as I would like. NEVER use the word only or just when talking about your losses, it derails you. Also avoid the scale as much as possible. I became obsessed with it, I was so determined to get under 200 and hit the 80 pounds lost that I was over obsessed. The scale rarely tells the true story. I have lost 2.2 pounds in 14 days but I went down a pants size!
When measuring keep in mind if you have a lot to lose the reality is you may not see as much sculpting as someone who is thinner from all your exercising. It does not make sense but trust me, the tape can say you did not lose or even gained inches, but the reality is your clothes are fitting better. The thing I noticed when I started hitting higher loss numbers was I appeared to have more rolls. The reality is I have more excess flesh and the more I lose it becomes apparent. This morning I actually gained 1/2 inch in my waist but I also have gone down a pants size since I last measured. It is not actually gaining inches but rather the appearance because you have lost FAT and your skin is looser. I spent years using the excuse to not lose weight because I would rather be fat than saggy skinned. THAT was the biggest LIE I ever told myself and a total cop out! I will take my saggy baggy skin over feeling terrible any day! So do not get discouraged by it, embrace that amazing badge of honor. Most of the excess skin will shrink down in a couple of years. This is why drinking half your body weight in ounces of water is so key, it helps your skin.
Pictures are so important to help chronicle your journey. I did not realize how much I had lost and even my friends did not until one day I called one and my picture popped up on her caller ID. It was a picture that was taken a month or so before I started this. I literally had no neck!! She was blown away and showed me. I was astounded. One of the girls that just joined my team has used her pictures as a reminder of why she is doing this, it has helped her say no to sugar and junk! Take pictures, take LOTS of pictures they tell the best story!
Be honest with yourself on what you are eating. We often think I am eating so well but when you take time to write down everything you have put in your mouth and are honest you realize that you are not eating as well as you thought. THIS is the beauty of 21 Day Fix and clean eating. If you do it true to the plan you have no need to worry.
It is hard to look back on where I was when I started but I look where I am today and am amazed. I need to really focus on toning now. I am sharing my picture from before to one taken this morning because I think it helps explain the importance of a picture. When I start crying because I have this roll that shows through my clothes I look back on the before and think WTF are you thinking Theresa, look and be proud of how far I have come. Looking back on the before makes the frustration and sadness I sometimes feel now when looking at my stomach slip away.
It is so frightening sharing pictures like this.. but I made a commitment to myself to be transparent and honest when I started this and this is it… this is what it is about! I think it is so important for people to know what to expect especially if you have a lot to lose. I have had so many tell the same thing, they do not want to lose and have excess skin. BUT I look at my before and it is so much worse than saggy skin and a heart attack!

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