It is my journey….

I kind of want to explain my blog yesterday. I never want anyone thinking I am not happy or thankful for the weight I have lost. But when you have lost as much as I have so far the downside is excess skin. And for those who say there is no downside to losing weight I kindly disagree. YES I am healthier, YES I have taken off weight, YES I am happier BUT the downside to that is excess skin and yes it is a downside. When you have spent your entire life with body issues they do not just go away overnight.

I cannot comfortably wear short sleeve shirts because my bat wings now extend to my elbow, I cannot wear clothes shorter than my knees because my skin looks like crepe paper and hangs. My neck has a waddle, my boobs are flattish, I look ok in clothes but without is another story.

So I am not trying to negate what has happened to me, I worked hard for it but I am also not going to just pretend all is dandy and that the flip side of it does not bother me. It is a journey and I made an pact with myself to be honest about my feelings throughout this process and a part of that is learning to deal with the sag and being honest about it. It is hard…and I am not sure I really understood it until I experienced it. So please do not think me ungrateful I am just being honest about HOW I feel.


Took a great 6.5 mile walk today downtown and met a friend for lunch, I really needed it.



3 thoughts on “It is my journey….”

  1. We do need to be honest with ourselves, I am still proud of you, nonetheless, is there anything that can be done to remove or tighten the excess skin? I’m not sure of your circumstances, so I don’t mean to pry, but that might be something to look into.


    1. I have decided that once I lose all I want to I will give myself 2 years. They say that is about how long it takes for our skin to tighten. I know I will still have excess and if it is bothersome I will likely look into surgery. I am hoping it will tighten enough I can avoid that I am not a fan of surgery lol!

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      1. Yeah, I’m not a fan of surgery either, so I totally understand, I didn’t know that the skin could tighten after 2 years, that is very interesting news for me too, keep up all the good work, you have made it so far, I know that you can get through the next 2 years too! 🙂


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