An Amazing Young Woman Named Kayla……

I want to tell you all a little story about my favorite redhead. This young lady has overcome more than most people at the end of a long life lived. This is a story about someone who has overcome adversity over and over to become this amazing strong woman. A girl who set a goal years ago and never gave up that goal until she conquered it. This is not meant to be a sad story with a happy ending but rather a story about what one can do if they do not spend life feeling sorry or wallowing in self pity by the hand you are dealt but rather takes it and sets about achieving that goal.

After writing this, I cannot help but look on her first year and see how it affected many of the years following. It just clicked with me!

Below is a small laundry list of adversity this young woman has overcome. I am including these because I think it speaks volumes about just how amazing this sweet little redhead is and how much she has overcome! Anyone of these things could have sidelined many but she just kept marching on to that little drum she so proudly beat!

Profound hearing loss to the point of not hearing pans clanking next to her. Thankfully it eventually came back but she still struggled for years passing hearing tests.

  • Woke up one morning and her eyes and lips were swollen and her little body looks bruised. Eventually it was determined she was for lack of a better term allergic to herself. Sweating would cause her to break out into hives and welts. The doctor explained it as her body internally is battling itself resulting in the external issues.
  • After years of failing hearing tests it was determined she had a massive infection in her sinuses.When she went for the surgery and had a fever and coughing they were not going to do her surgery. I explained she always ran low grade fevers and coughed but nothing had ever been done by the doctors for it. They worried she had cystic fibrosis and insisted she be tested for it, thankfully she tested negative.
  • At a very young age developed non-typical migraines. I am talking grade school; this child would just suffer through them for the most part as nothing the doctors tried seems to work (she still struggles with them).
  • Struggled with school, could not seem to master easily what came easy to others (due in part to being deaf, they explained it effected the way her brain could process also created short term memory issues). She never gave up and did courses externally to get herself up to par with her classmates.
  • Had 4 knee surgeries within a two year period (both at the same time at one point), spent most of that year sidelined and yet still managed to be involved in school and keep her grades up in spite of the amount of days she missed classes.
  • Most of her peers were not kind to her in Burns growing up but when we moved to the city she BLOSSOMED!! She was seen for the amazing kid she is, she did not let it beat her down and she kept true to herself. She marched to her own beat and others followed. She was voted most unique, best dressed; she went from near failing in Burns to good grades in Gresham. She impressed the principle from her middle school so much that when he became principle at a new satellite school he invited her to be one of the few students allowed to move to that school. She kicked butt there! The teachers loved her and respected her and she in turn felt the same about them.
  • She developed a tremor in her early years that has become quite pronounced the older she gets. It is called a Centralized Tumor and there is no cure for it. She has been accused of being on drugs because of it.
  • On top of the migraines her eye sight started getting worse and her pupils would dilate so large you could not see the color of her eyes some days (again accused of drug use) turns out she has Buried Drusen. Again no cure, it is when the optic nerves calcify; hers are pretty pronounced and have started to break off.
  • When my son was critically injured in an auto accident and I should have been holding her up, she held me up…She kept me going and sane those 6 horrible weeks. She became the parent and I the child.
  • Her latest “set back” was the breakup of a long term relationship that she had moved halfway across country for. She moved back to Burns, eventually found work and recently moved out on her own again. And while this was going on she worked on finishing up her 4 year degree.Thankfully my friends living in Burns like hanging with her more than they do me so she has company LOL.

We are all proud of our children for this or that and I am beyond proud of my son as well but I am so beyond PROUD of Kayla and all she has fought back against. So many of us let little things side line us. Yes she still struggles at times but in spite of all the things going against her whole life she is graduating!!! I am so over the moon proud to be your mom, to have you in my life, to be not only your mom but your friend. You have taught me what putting your “big girl panties on” is all about, you have taught me to not give up and that anything is possible if you want it bad enough. You bring laughter and joy to those lucky enough to have you in their lives and to those who have chosen to walk away it is their loss sweet baby bison not yours.

So many could learn from her take on life, it is so easy to let things derail us. She chose to become a VICTOR not a VICTIM and she is outstanding at it.


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