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Manic Monday

I seriously want to punch someone and that makes me even madder than I already am. I have worked really hard at controlling my anger, depression, letting people get the best of me and letting things bother me so badly I want to punch someone. Today…. I really REALLY want to punch someone.

It started out great! First day of Summer, nice weather, my work buddy was back in after being gone for a week, not as hot as they were saying so hiking after work was gonna happen. AND that is when it went south…

I had a great 6.5 mile hike and feeling that high one gets from hard work. Sweating like a pig, conquered all the evil stairs and at one of my favorite hiking spots at Mt. Tabor.


Made my way around the mountain to the other side and the sign that is my name sake! Feeling so awesome life is great, birds are chirping, pet myself some dogs and talked to some nice people. 20160620_17083220160620_170757

Look at that GLISTENING skin haha… So I am slightly annoyed because I am parking WAY up to the curb since parking is limited. I get back and a someone pulled in behind me so close I felt like he owed me $50 and a cigarette… I took deep breaths said let it gooooooo and jockeyed my way out of the spot. Most everyone pulls up to this spot where you can turn around since there are so many walker and bikers and limited ways out. A person had pulled into a spot in front of me, I pulled forward a bit and was completely STOPPED. I put the car in reverse, still I have not moved because I am spinning my head around to make sure no one is behind me and boom a mountain biker chick rides behind me. No mind you she had ample room to go in front, I am not moving and you can clearly see I am going to back up. All the sudden I hear the most profane expletives coming out of her mouth at me. She is calling me a bitch, the C word saying the F word (I am refraining from using them as I know some in my audience do not like it (you are welcome mom lol)). I said I was not even moving and she started in again yelling, swearing and people are looking at me like I am the asshole!!! I should have just moved along but she would not shut up so I told her she was a psycho bitch… she did not like that.

At this point I am shaking I am so mad, so embarrassed and so shocked at her reaction…. I do not know why I am shocked. Most bike riders are ok that I have dealt with but without fail EVERY.SINGLE.MOUNTAIN.BIKE.RIDER has been an ass…. So I slink off mad that I let her get to me, super mad she stole my hiking high and just wanted to get home. I am telling myself over and over let it go let it go!!!



On the freeway feeling less angry enjoying some loud AC/DC and the wind blowing in my hair. And then BOOM this guy in front of me in a big truck starts into my lane, no blinker no paying attention. If I had not had my tires changed recently I would be dead. There is no way my old tires would have handled this. I had a person behind me, cannot move over because he is still partially in that lane, I am HONKING my horn at him to get his attention, he is flipping me off and I am slamming on my brakes so hard (thankfully the guy behind me saw what was happening and scooted over) that my tires are squealing and my car is fishtailing. I seriously almost pooped my pants, I have never felt I was that close to wrecking my car as I did at that moment. He finally moved over and he and his passenger have their window down just yelling at me flipping me off… I was in such shock thankfully I just ignored him and they backed off. So now my anger is back with a vengeance and I am SO MAD that I am SO MAD.

I have no desire to eat I am just so frigging mad at this point but I told myself you cannot go back to those ways… now mind you I am feeling kinda crappy because I had delightful cheese fonduta yesterday and today I paid a price ALL.DAY.LONG! Thus my stating I was glad I did not poop my pants! What I really wanted was a drink but I was not going to do that. So I went home with the intent of eating salad….

The first bag….FROZEN. 20160620_191245

The second bag…..BLACKISH AND SLIMY20160620_191440

I was able to salvage a tiny bit from the third bag…. 20160620_191626

Out of three bags of salad I was able to get a tiny bit of pepitas, a tiny bit of cranberries, a tiny bit of soy nuts, had some border line cauliflower, I found 3 green olives in the fridge so chopped them up and cut some cheese and salvaged about a 1/4 of a rotten avocado..20160620_192114

I am done. I am still mad. I am not as mad as I was but I am still angry…. I had not just walked 6.5 miles and afraid that I would be killed I would go for another walk… I think it safest to stay safely in my apartment until I go to work tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Manic Monday”

  1. GEEZ! But I am proud of you for using language safe for my tender ears! Oh my goodness What a trial! If your veggies are within the sell-by date and rotten you can probably get them replaced. I know Safeway will anyway.


  2. How well I know that feeling (not all. Just the anger at being angry one). A good night’s sleep will make it all better. The truck… Perhaps fear was the dominant force – sure as Hell would be for me! Thank God you made it home without being physically assaulted or maimed in a horrific traffic accident. Hug hug


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