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Silver Falls State Park 2016

What an amazing hike I cannot believe I have lived here 17 years and never gone to Silver Falls. Aside from a nasty tumble and stubbing my toe so hard I may or many not have sworn it was amazing! Not many people because I got there early. It was worth the time it took to drive there! I saw at least 7 different falls and walked behind 4 of them and to the top of one of them. Such a great day and because I have to slow it down a little because of my hips and back I really got to enjoy all it offered. Almost 10 miles not bad! To get to the top I had to zigzag up the side of the mountain but those 30 flights took me to the top of one of the falls! Next time I will do the Trail of 10 Falls hike it does the rim and outer perimeter.
One of the people I dog sit for bought me a book of 60 hikes within 60 miles of Portland..one down! Pictures do not do this justice! And once again I am so thankful I had my shakeo on the way there!

2 thoughts on “Silver Falls State Park 2016”

  1. It was so awesome mom!!! One day we will have to go there and go to the main lot you can access an amazing fall from that one! And it was amazingly tranquil and mind cleansing!


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