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LOVE Dog Sitting Weekends!

Dog sitting this handsome dude again. He is so sweet! Made an awesome salad and took pictures of Robin’s gorgeous flowers. Also i may or may not be short or that sunflower is GINORMOUS (it is ginormous plus i am short). It is still hot as hell so no walk but did bring my weights and did strength training. I may have been enjoying the sun a bit much outside don’t judge me!


2 of the friends i dog sit for live close to Willamette National Cemetery. Anytime i sit for them i go to the cemetery to pay my love and respect to my friends loved ones buried there. It is beautiful, tranquil, somber and sad at the same time. Today i parked at the office and decided to walk to their sites. I took all the roads and thanked the brave men and women for their sacrifices. Because of them i have the freedom and safety to walk about. I always worry if it disrespectful to walk there… i hope not.

I got back to Buddy’s Pad and we sat outside for a bit. I have never enjoyed or understood the joy of sitting in the sun. I get it now… I had a bowl of Greek yogurt, frozen berries and nuts and just enjoyed the sun. Now Buddy and I are being lazy and I am enjoying my guilty pleasure of watching Cops…eventually I will do some strength training….eventually!


I finally did my upper and lower weight exercises… of course it is minimal weights but hey I am doing it. I did some more yoga and tried meditation/breathing… good lord it is hard to breath properly I mean SERIOUSLY hard to breath in the proper way…….. I may have to hire a breathing trainer! I stumbled across 2 more pictures I have not seen since starting this.. I still get so shocked how little my eyes showed!

PhotoGrid_1469678795304 (1)

Yummy breakfast and lunch for the week prepping, salad for dinner. I also have frozen soup, my salads are just not enough these days now that I am not doing meat at all.

Blueberries, chopped cabbage, chopped peppers, boiled eggs, toasted soy nuts, tomatoes, chopped zucchini, smoked garlic, green olives with garlic. Sunflower seeds, pepitas, cranberries and black beans will go as well.


I get asked all the time what keeps me going…I cannot share pictures of my sweet grandsons face on social media but I can share his precious little hand. HE is what keeps me going, Deklin, his mommy Megan and daddy Levi (my son), my amazing daughter Kayla and my mom and sister and her family. I want to play with Deklin, I want to see him grow up and I want to run and play hide and seek with him. That little boy, that precious chubby lil hand is what helps me keep at this. dhand



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