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Larch Mountain 2016

160916 larch mtn.jpgDecided to take half day off from work I really needed to cleanse my mind and soul. Evidently I misunderstood my doctor (proof I need to listen to messages on a REAL phone). I did NOT have a tear but rather a sprain of my hammy!!! The pop and drop to the ground was it kind of popping off where it attaches due to being so tight. SO walking is in order to help loosen it up! I was given the go ahead to do 5 easy miles but decided I would ease into a walk…
I had put my fitbit on my ankle for the walk and therefore unable to pay attention to the miles until I saw a sign. In my defense I walked slower than ever and actually took time to enjoy! I also got to a sign that said .5 miles to where I was wanting to go but realized I had already walked 2.5 so did not allow it as that would have added an extra mile… booo and hisssss. Anyhoooooo
The view was insane and the silence was deafening!!! In fact the only thing I heard other than the random fly, bird, person was the squeaking of my bra….really… my bra squeaks….. oh and my shoe…. I needed this so badly. I did have a random thought/concern… they say that if it is dead quiet in the woods it is because a Sansquanch (Kayla & Theresa speak for Sasquatch) is around… I was VERY concerned he would whisk me away to be his bride but alas….
I was supposed to text when I was done so my friends/coworkers did not worry and decided to pull off at the Women’s Forum State View Point. I have only been there once and never really thought about going back. I decided to take a picture of the view from there with me in for proof of life!
Out of nowhere I hear the most adorable accent and it was a lady asking where I was visiting from. I explained I lived here and asked where she was from. She is from Kentucky and her and her sweet hubby are on their way to Seattle to hop a cruise ship to Alaska to see their grand baby! We chatted for quite awhile about this and that and I asked if I could take a picture of them.
When they got ready to go I thanked them for making my day, we hugged and she said God Bless your new life (I had told them about my journey and blog in which I was going to share the photos). I got teary and she said who knew we would meet a new BFF today!!! Then asked if I had FB and could we be friends, that she would share her trip to Alaska with me!!!! SOOOOO SWEET and seriously made my week!!
I am actually anti social unless I am hiking or something along those lines. I love that she approached me!

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