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Trash Tv, Gourmet Kitchen, Dogs oh my!!

I love dog sitting for my friends, I get to do it at their houses and traipse around like I own the place! My current gig is at my bosses house, she has 3 awesome funny pups and a gourmet kitchen. I love cooking on gas stoves it is ridiculous how much of a difference it makes. I also love that they have cable and I can watch all my trash TV I never get to watch.

I am slowly learning my way around healthy vegetarianism. I really do not like to eat meat and am about 98% meat free. My goal is to learn how to get all my vitamins, proteins and minerals etc in just using vegetables although I have resigned myself to the fact that B12 will have to be a supplement.

I really like that my taste buds have become so much better at tasting. I no longer need to drown my food in salt or sauces.

So far my weekend has consisted of a little cooking… small piece of naan with garlic curds, onion, sliced egg and kale. So good!


Stir Fry – Quinoa, edamame, garlic, carrots, corn, black beans, broccoli, toasted peanuts, squash and onions.


And lots and lots of loving by the dogs, prepping food and  cleaning up a mess…..

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