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Holy mother of cold HELL!!!

Today was a pros and cons cornucopia! It is kind of funny when I put it to paper..
*Con – Drive in to work this morning 90 minutes top speed 40 MPH for about 1/4 of mile other wise 5 MPH… Pro – made it to work alive!

*Con – Knew it was going to storm but did not seem like it was going to be much…I mentioned my worry that I should leave… It is a DRY snow they said, it will just blow off the road they said… I KNOW SNOW WHY did I listen!! CON SQUARED – Took me 75 minutes to go 20 blocks and another 75 to go the rest of the way.. a total of about 13 miles. Pro – I made it home alive!

*Con – My heater has been off for a week, my living room wall is floor to ceiling window and not insulated double pain window, my bedroom window was supposed to be fixed but when I got home there was snow INSIDE. I am 5 floors up and face the mountain and gorge the wind is howling 25 plus MPH and my curtains are blowing, it is 25 out but feels 11 and is snowing. My mattress is memory foam…if you do not know what that feels like in the cold go pop a memory foam pillow in the freezer…. it is hard and it is COLD!!! I have a tiny wall heater in the living room and a little portable one. In the bedroom the tiny wall heater is touching my bed, I cannot move my bed because it is not on a frame ergo I cannot turn the tiny heater on! Pro – I have a tiny wall heater and portable one in the living room, I have gloves that light up in case there is a power outage and a hat I am wearing keeping me warm (which is much more than some unfortunate souls living on the streets). I have comforters I can pop up on the curtains even if it is like living in Alaska in the winter with minimal daylight lol.

*Con – I have coffee but no cream, the only food I have at the moment since I was gone for a week is cabbage brrrrrr. I have peanut butter but no bread, I have pasta sauce but no pasta. Pro – I have 20 boxes of artisan crackers for all that peanut butter! I can maybe even make some awesome stewed cabbage pasta sauce dish as I have some cheese! I also have tea so can have warm tea.

Con – My car is super light so does not do well in the wind and ice. Pro – I have a car and it has a heater and it gets good gas mileage!

Con – My sweaters were so cold I could not put them on SERIOUSLY! Pro – I have a dryer and popped those puppies in it!

So all in all cons aside it was an ok day. I am safely home in my own tiny lil corner of my world and if I cannot make it to work tomorrow my boss totally understands and I can work from home!! Stay safe and warm my friends

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