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Blessing Come in all Shapes and Sizes

What a day! I was grumbling because I needed to go to the store and I was just not in the mood for the icy roads or people attempting to drive on said roads. I stopped at Safeway and ended up in a conversation with a gal that worked there. We talked about how we talk to ourselves and answer back etc. She told me her best conversation was when she was still drinking. She had a bottle of antibuse and a beer. She was teetering on taking the antibuse because she was just tired of being an alcoholic but she also loved drinking. She popped a pill out and set it on the table. She out loud to herself went back and forth for a good 20 minutes take the antibuse, just drink the damn beer you can try another day… on and on. She finally took the pill and yelled out take that you fucking alcoholic I WIN!!!! She has not taken a drink since then. We talked about our dogs and she has min pins as well. She thanked me for taking time to talk to her and told me I made her day. I told her the same!!

I left the store and was grumbling about I needed to swing by Target but it is down a slick hill blah blah blah… I am driving down the road and the happy from the chat with the gal was waning and I saw a hunched over lady with her little dog trying to push her walker on the icy chunky slick sidewalks she was really struggling. I flipped around and asked if I could take her somewhere. She was so happy and said she needed to get her meds from Safeway so back we went. She thanked me and I told her I would just wait for her, she did not want me to because it was going to be an hour so I just said I would go to Target and pop back for her. I got what I needed there and headed back to the store to pick her up.

She wanted me to drop her off at the little market as she was going to get some cigarettes and told me she would walk from there as she was going to visit for a few with the gal there. So off I went feeling happy again. I had stopped along the way at another place and got home about an hour after I dropped her off and saw on the floor in the backseat she had forgotten her purse…… I drove back to where I dropped her off hoping somehow she was still there. Bless her heart she was sitting outside with her lil pup shivering as the gal she was going to visit with was not there. Another lady was talking to her when I drove up. She stood up with such a smile and yelled THERE SHE IS THERE IS MY NEW FRIEND!!! I KNEW you would come back!! The other gal that was there ran over and hugged me and thanked me! She did not know this woman or me. I insisted I was driving her to her home so off we went.

I would love for you to meet my new friend Joyous! Can you believe that is her name! She is disabled and just left an abusive 33 year marriage and just moved to Gresham. It would have been so easy to just keep driving. I struggle sometimes with being judgmental and paranoid. But I also remind myself what if this were my mom or my child… It cost me NOTHING to turn around and help this sweet woman. She has such back problems that her neck cannot fully lift up I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for her to walk on a good day let alone in ice. I also remind myself that I am doing this as a pay it forward for all the kindness I am shown, if I do not get a thank you big deal, I am doing it because it is the right thing to do and needs to be done with no feelings of getting something in return. If they pop me in my nose so be it 😉

How fitting is it that her name is Joyous ! Her lil pup is Yoshi and let me tell you that sweet lady who has every reason to be grumpy and angry was full of smiles. She told me I gave her the best Christmas gift ever and I told her she renewed my faith in people. She gifted me more than I could ever hope to have gifted her. Her name is so fitting!! She cried as I left and said she would pay it forward as she could not give me any money for the gas… Why do we feel we have to pay someone to be kind and do something nice. I have never been about that and would not have accepted anything from her and told her that paying it forward is what it is about. I have been blessed beyond measure by kindness from family, friends and strangers. Today I got the best Christmas gift ever!


2 thoughts on “Blessing Come in all Shapes and Sizes”

  1. Such a sweet story. Somehow it brought to mind the time when Alfred across the street was sick and in the hospital and you went over to see Tudy. You said she cried and you said you didn’t know what to say, so you hugged her and told her it would be alright. It is so easy to do the loving thing. Doesn’t always have to be a big enormous thing, just kind words can help make someone’s day easier.


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