Goodbye 2016!!

What a year 2016 has been. I am not sorry to see it go. It had some amazing ups and some heart breaking lows. I am looking forward to regrouping for the new year.

2016 brought me an amazing grandson, my daughter graduated college, I have a wonderful job. My health is leaps and bounds better and I made some amazing new friends. I have gotten to visit with my son more than I have in years. My mom celebrated her super young 80th birthday, I have a job I love (for the most part lol). I have gone on long hikes and did some challenging things I never thoughyt possible. I have gotten a ton of dog sitting in to appease my no longer having a dog in my life.

2016 also brought pain and fear and a bit of my weight gained back. Back and hip injury that all but stopped my exercising and a bit of a slip in my mental happiness. BUT I am ready to put it behind and move on to 2017 and make it the best I can. I will never give up this journey to be free of my past and move onto a healthy and happy me!!

Happy New Year my friends, thank you for helping keep me relatively sane this year.


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