Time for Changes

EEEK I had no idea when I went in this morning for a consult that tomorrow I would be having a procedure done. I love my spine doctor and I am so happy he sent me to this guy. They work together and the doctor today was so honest and answered all my questions. Of course they have to give you worse case scenario.

He has done over 4000 of these procedures and only had one complete fail and the majority were very successful. Not going to lie, this one is a bit scarier to me. Prayers or whatever it is you do would be welcome. I tend to have semi panic attacks when confined and normally get an anxiety med but the nurse is thinking with this procedure you cannot have one. Also the others were fairly short this one a bit longer so more time for my head to go wonky on me!!!

I have high hopes this will send me down the path to getting my life back in order. It is going to be a lot of work on my part, exercise and getting core and back muscles is key or it will not be successful. Having had multiple abdominal surgeries my core is pretty shot and my back super week. BUT my buddy who always takes me to these actually knows a lady who ended up bent over hers was so bad and it destroyed her core even more, she literally could not stand upright. But she saw her 2 weeks ago and she had this procedure done months ago and is walking upright!

I want to start walking and hiking again. Will that happen this year…. probably not but it is at least a goal to work towards. The downside to this procedure is it weakens your back muscles so he drilled in my head that when I can start doing it I have to work diligently on my back and core muscles and that is not going to happen by walking lol. This is only one issue I have but will help figure out the other issues that are happening in the long run.

When I first started my weight loss journey I was so obsessed with walking and hiking and it messed me up. It was not so much about the pounds dropping off although that was awesome but it was this unhealthy obsession. I cannot allow myself to do that again. So I am going to try my best on the exercises once I start with the physical therapists, dial in my healthy eating (goodbye dairy….. no more inflammatory foods), focus on my mental health and try my very best to not make this about the scale.

I am scared, I am excited about the future, I am so bad about exercises I HATE them, I LOVE walking so this will be a new thing for me.

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