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Baby got Back…or will get Back!

I have had a lot of facebook memories popping up the last few months. Most involve having met my weight loss goal and the back issues I have had the last year or so. I got derailed, stopped blogging and lost sight of things. In my effort to get fit and lose weight I messed up my back and hip. I was walking 10-15 miles every single day for the better part of a year. I pushed myself, lost sight of the joy I had gotten from being out doors and was more obsessed with how fast and how far I could go. Having an addictive personality is a double edged sword.

Thus started my gaining 80 of the 120 I had lost. Losing the joy I had gained by being outdoors. Depression setting back in. Mostly non stop steroid for more than a year. I was lucky enough to find an amazing doctor who tried every single thing he could think of before sending me to another wonderful doctor. After more than a year of steroids and spinal shots they decided to do RFA. Basically they pinpoint which nerves are being pissy and they cauterize them. The hope is they will stop shooting pain signals to my brain. It is likely IF it is successful that I will need it done a time or two more to stop them regenerating. Success if usually 60% relief which 200% better than what I am having.

This is whole new path for me. The pain is vastly different in the last week. My butt cheek on the good side goes numb when I stand or walk. The good sides lower leg hurts and feels on fire. They did both sides but I still am a bit shocked at how the good side is the problem child right now. I have done a ton of research and the back feeling sunburned is normal and lasts a couple of weeks. I assume the butt and leg issue on the good side is just the pissing off of nerves that were only slightly mad. It is a rather interesting procedure but invasive so causes a lot of angry nerves! On the plus side the bad side is still somewhat numbed from the steroids etc so I am not feeling it on both sides….yet! It is a new journey, I have to strengthen my core… a core I do not have due to multiple surgeries. It weakens your back so it is essential to get a core and strengthen my back muscles or this has been for not.


Going forward is going to be about taking it slow and easy but consistently working on it. I am focusing on my eating again, doing small walks and exercises the therapist has given me. Today I decided to drive to get some organic veggies. I love wandering through looking at the different types of veggies and fruits they offer. They had these amazing beautiful flowers. I am forcing myself to enjoy the everyday beauty. Until I can get back to my hiking and the views it gives I have to find new kinds of pretty.

Yesterday on the way home from work I drove up to one of my favorite spots in the city. Mt. Tabor was so important to me when I was first walking and losing. It is this gorgeous oasis in the middle of our city. Yesterday I walked around the reservoir. Such a tiny little walk but was gorgeous and so quiet and felt oh so good! There was a British gent there who was reading, having tea and just chilling with his pup.

So here I am on a new venture with the same outcome hopes but a very different path. I started my journey on 7-20-2015. On 2-09-2018 I took a different fork in the path. Along with 2 friends we have decided to weigh every Friday at work, I will also measure and take a picture every other week. Being honest and sharing was so helpful to me last time I am going to do it again. So stats for the last 3 week are as follows…drum roll please….


  • Weight 265
  • Neck 15 1/2
  • Arm  L 15 1/2  R 15 1/2
  • Chest 51 1/2
  • Under bra 42
  • Waist 50
  • Hip 51 1/2
  • Thigh L 23  R 22 1/2
  • Calf L 14 1/2  R 14 3/4


  • Weight 259


  • Weight 257.5
  • Neck 15
  • Arm  L 15  R 15
  • Chest 51 1/2
  • Under bra 42
  • Waist 48 3/4
  • Hip 51
  • Thigh L 22 1/2  R 22 1/2
  • Calf L 14 1/2  R 14 3/4

I took a lot of pictures through the first year I lost all the weight. It is so telling way more than the scale. These are 2 weeks apart and you can see how cutting the carbs and eating more, drinking more water makes a difference in the bloat.


Here are some pictures from the first year. I like to keep it handy, it reminds me where I was, where I got and how I can get back there again. It was never really about the loss of pounds on the scale although I did become obsessed with it. It is about feeling good in my skin, being as healthy as I can be and being able to be active. 170109


  • Weight 253

So here I am back at square one but I have high hopes… hopes my back issues will get better, hopes my depression will ease, hopes I can hike again, hopes that even though I will stumble I will remember to always get back up


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Time for a “Come to Jesus Talk”

I have been getting annoyed with the fact that I seem to be grinding gears in my car….Then while having lunch with my friend I had an epiphany and it hit my why! I have never moved my seat since losing weight. I literally had a hard time steering because my stomach was pushing on it (my legs were to short to push back any further). I now have to sit forward in booths instead of choosing tables so I could move the chair back and today I moved my car seat up! NSV I really needed this as I am struggling.
I kind of feel like the Epiphanater as I am having them all over the place these days. I stepped on the scale and boom up 10 pounds 10 POUNDS! Other than my eating more greek yogurt and fruit than I probably should I am eating clean as I always have BUT I am no longer burning 3500 calories a day. I am used to walking 10-12 miles at a time after work but since being on restriction I am not burning the same amount of calories… I am also having to modify the hell out of everything so just not as active as I had been. Therefore my body is not processing like it was.
I am also being a ginormous baby about the whole dealio. SO I sat myself down today and had a “come to Jesus talk” with myself. I am only allowed to walk 10-15 minutes slowly 2 or 3 times a day and I have just allowed myself to be a baby and not do it other than at work. In my childs mind I am telling myself if I cannot walk or hike a lot then I am not going to do it (insert foot stomp). I am slipping back into the old Theresa, the Theresa who is feeling sorry for herself and it infuriates me! I am mad like super duper mad, mad that my muscle tone is waning, mad that I cannot do the half marathon next month that I have been wanting to do for a year, mad that I am mad, mad that I am a big baby, mad that I am slowly loosing what I worked so hard to gain as far as hiking and strength, mad that today I noticed my boobage was runnething over my cup….. I am mad and that is DRIVING ME MAD!
So today I went for my small painfully slow walk 😉 It is hard for me to walk slow. I also have directive to not overdo housework. Normally that would elate me but now I am just irritated because I am not liking being told I cannot be active. I also have not been drinking water like I used to so upped that. I will also start using my containers again… I got to where I was eyeballing it and that worked ok when I was super active but clearly I need to get back in the groove. My body has been rebelling since this all started… my joints ache, my muscles are sore… I am kind of feeling like I was before I lost the weight.
I know this will pass and I know that unless I pull my head out I am going to derail myself. I lost weight without exercising the first 2 months so I know being sidelined is not an excuse. I am dog sitting next week and Kira will need to go for walks. I likely will do more than my 15 minutes as she needs at least a couple of miles a night but I will do it slowly. I am also breaking up with bread again….we just cannot reside in the same home…and Bliss nut butters…. we also need to part ways…and fruit with yogurt and maple syrup… sigh… my addictive personality is not my friend this time! PhotoGrid_1472317661585
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LOVE Dog Sitting Weekends!

Dog sitting this handsome dude again. He is so sweet! Made an awesome salad and took pictures of Robin’s gorgeous flowers. Also i may or may not be short or that sunflower is GINORMOUS (it is ginormous plus i am short). It is still hot as hell so no walk but did bring my weights and did strength training. I may have been enjoying the sun a bit much outside don’t judge me!


2 of the friends i dog sit for live close to Willamette National Cemetery. Anytime i sit for them i go to the cemetery to pay my love and respect to my friends loved ones buried there. It is beautiful, tranquil, somber and sad at the same time. Today i parked at the office and decided to walk to their sites. I took all the roads and thanked the brave men and women for their sacrifices. Because of them i have the freedom and safety to walk about. I always worry if it disrespectful to walk there… i hope not.

I got back to Buddy’s Pad and we sat outside for a bit. I have never enjoyed or understood the joy of sitting in the sun. I get it now… I had a bowl of Greek yogurt, frozen berries and nuts and just enjoyed the sun. Now Buddy and I are being lazy and I am enjoying my guilty pleasure of watching Cops…eventually I will do some strength training….eventually!


I finally did my upper and lower weight exercises… of course it is minimal weights but hey I am doing it. I did some more yoga and tried meditation/breathing… good lord it is hard to breath properly I mean SERIOUSLY hard to breath in the proper way…….. I may have to hire a breathing trainer! I stumbled across 2 more pictures I have not seen since starting this.. I still get so shocked how little my eyes showed!

PhotoGrid_1469678795304 (1)

Yummy breakfast and lunch for the week prepping, salad for dinner. I also have frozen soup, my salads are just not enough these days now that I am not doing meat at all.

Blueberries, chopped cabbage, chopped peppers, boiled eggs, toasted soy nuts, tomatoes, chopped zucchini, smoked garlic, green olives with garlic. Sunflower seeds, pepitas, cranberries and black beans will go as well.


I get asked all the time what keeps me going…I cannot share pictures of my sweet grandsons face on social media but I can share his precious little hand. HE is what keeps me going, Deklin, his mommy Megan and daddy Levi (my son), my amazing daughter Kayla and my mom and sister and her family. I want to play with Deklin, I want to see him grow up and I want to run and play hide and seek with him. That little boy, that precious chubby lil hand is what helps me keep at this. dhand



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The last couple of weeks have been pretty trying. Family members with serious health issues and just some heart breaking personal family issues. One of the things I found was not everyone understands the journey I am on. I made it clear upfront with people that I was going to be honest and that includes the good and the bad. I also made it clear that I would not be offended or hurt if you choose to not follow along on my journey either on this blog or on my Facebook page. And I will no longer censor myself for the benefit of others.

Reality is life can be great but it can also be tough and if you act is if nothing bothers you well you are not being honest with yourself. I lost someone I thought was a friend.. If she had addressed her “issues” with my posts etc in a different way it would have not had to happen. Sometimes not saying anything is better than saying something you know will hurt them. Being brutally honest at the expense of another persons feelings is cruel if that person is not hurting anyone else. My posts are just that… mine… my feelings my way of seeing things. I am not now nor will I ever be someone else’s science project. I never asked to be her project and honestly I feel lighter having her made it easy for me to say goodbye. I felt I really had to be careful what I said because I allowed her to have power she never really had.

I am the reason for my success in this journey. Yes some people have helped along the way but I am the one who put in the hard work. I have said before that the hardest part of this journey has actually been addressing the feelings that have come up. I have always dealt with pain and anger by running. I lament about people who cut me off in traffic or for some other reason put a damper in my day. I see others do it as well, it is human nature, did I let it destroy my day… no but it happens and sometimes it just plays into things that have gone on through the day. Part of my personality is snarky and some people do not get that and that is ok I cannot be responsible for their seeing something as serious and not in jest.

I won’t lie and say her words did not hurt or sting, they did. A simple I no longer can follow you would have been kinder and worked. To tell my that my woe is me attitude is too much and then make a rambling long winded email on all the bad that is going on in their life (while telling me shit happens and I need to quit feeling sorry for myself) seemed a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. I had decided that maybe it was time to stop sharing my journey but then like every day since I started this I got a personal message from someone I do not know. I had comments on my posts from both people I know and people I do not know and they all told me they appreciate my honesty. That they like that I share the good and the bad, that they need to be reminded it is not all rainbows and lollipops. I am not saying this to be arrogant because honestly it is still hard to accept that anyone would find me inspirational. I have never felt that I had much to offer this world and honestly I still struggle with it.

I did take a few things from the online friendship we had and they will and have helped me but I will not regret saying goodbye to it. One of things I have been doing was sharing the memories from a year ago that pop up because they show just how much growth I have made. Be it different eating to how I handle stressful things. Again if someone does not take the time to read that it is a memory from the past that is on them not me.

So that said I spent a good week off and on in tears. I do not like when people do not like me or are mad at me. I beat myself up if I think I have hurt someone (another reason I tend to censor). I had good conversations with my friend from work, looked at pictures of my sweet lil grandbaby, said prayers and meditated and felt a bit more zen. I hiked and I sat on my deck and pondered what exactly it is I am doing with my life now. I still need to lose a bit more, I need to work on toning my body and my mind. I need to figure out who I am now and I decided I will no longer stress if people do not want to be in my life or go along on this journey. I also realized I am not done on this journey in fact I may actually just be starting and because so many have asked me to continue to share I will do so.

My daughter brought my grandson and his mommy to Prineville for a day visit. It was wonderful. He is the sweetest happiest little guy and it was great seeing Kayla and Megan. I cannot share pictures of my beautiful grandbaby online but trust me he is handsome! We hiked around the lake while Megan and Kayla attempted to fish, all Kayla caught was the end of her pole. I have done two dog sitting gigs and lots of hiking which always make me feel better. I am 10 days from my one year and I am DAMN proud of what I have accomplished.

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Closer Every Day

That is my new mantra… I received that t-shirt from Beach Body for submitting my use of the 21 Day Fix. I did not realize just how much I would end up loving that shirt or just how many people would ask what it means and be inspired by my story. So here is my week in play!

April 1st

DISCLAIMER – I am having a bit of a pity party today….

Today was kind of an odd day. Feeling a bit out of sorts all day, angry, stressed, depressed and have the chills. I decided to leave work a little early and took a little nap. Still feeling kinda antsy so ate dinner and decided to go for a walk. The weather has been crazy nice so decided to take a detour and walk around a man made lake. It was beautiful, the sun was just starting to set and the birds are chirping. So peaceful.

As I was walking back home I was thinking why am I feeling all out of sorts. I think it is because I have been doing a lot of stepping outside my comfort zone.. the last couple of weeks have been about growing and healing and that can be painful at times. But the reality is like will be full of these moments, how I handle them is up to me. I am in charge of my future, I dictate my happiness, my successes and my failures.

As I was reflecting on this and thinking how proud of myself I am that I have been doing this…. a guy drives by and yells something rude at me. Then not 3 minutes later a truck drives by with three guys and they bark out the window at me. All the sudden I was that fat girl being made fun of again. All I could think was am I ever NOT going to be looked at as this less than ok person? I could go right and within 3 minutes be in the safety of my home or I could go straight, finish my walk and spend another mile and a half being vulnerable.

I choose to go straight, I have not worked hard the last 8 months to let some asshat jerk ruin my love for walking. That said I fought back tears for a bit because that pain of being ridiculed and judged came flashing back. BUT again I and I alone am responsible for how I react to these things. Reality is the world is full of hateful mean people but it is more full of amazing, loving and supportive people. Now I will admit the old Theresa came GLARING out and I did flip him off, am I proud of it… no… but that is ok too, hey I am not perfect…yet

I have a few things coming up that are going to stretch my comfort level hugely! Tomorrow I am going to celebrate with my bestie and I am wearing a dress and that is way outside my zone of ok. I think the other two things are part of what is really pushing my emotions.

Life is full of growth and change, happiness and sadness, pain and joy and how we choose to react to it is up to us. We are the owners of our own happiness and sadness. I cannot lay it on anyone else.

So turns out the dress was ok… I felt completely comfortable and had an great time. My buddy from work went with me and I got to see my best friend get married. She was STUNNING!

April 3rd

First day of dog sitting the dogs are adorable and they live off Lacamas Lake so it was a nice walk to get there and even nicer walk around it. My first day there I walked the length of it to the end of the trail and got a little over 7 miles in. It was a hot day for us but the breeze off the lake was awesome. Grilled veggies for dinner!


April 4th

What a day. Had to commute from The Couv to Portland this morning. Got to work realized I didn’t have my wallet or driver’s license or money… Got home look for my wallet and could not find it anywhere. Call the last place I used it at they said they didn’t have it but I decided to pop in there anyway. Of course this was after I spent an hour-and-a-half tearing my car apart. So much for my walk. But thank God they did have it and I got a little walk in before it got dark. Then I plugged in that big old jetted tub and took a soak. That’s the upside of doggy sitting for people who make way more money than I do haha.


April 5th

This my friends is why Public Access is so important oh my God this park is amazing. If you have not been to Lacamas Park you need to go. I will totally drive from Gresham to here on a weekend to spend the day there was so many paths I just didn’t have time tonight. So Serene nothing but the water and the birds and the occasional hiker/biker.


April 9th

What an amazing day! 2 different people asked what my shirt meant (closer every day) although one person thought it said clover smile emoticon I explained and then they asked me to tell my story! One gal has diabetes she said she has hope now.

I hiked an amazing hike this morning AND the trash and homeless camps are gone from my beloved butte! I chatted with people, petted dogs and conquered the one dreaded trail I have been avoiding.

Today I prepped food and will finish tomorrow. Decided to take another walk and found an awesome trail that goes forever and ends up by a park across town. It goes behind aTarget so tomorrow I am headed that way again with some fruit and will stop at the store and grab some crackers and cheese and water and have a Lil picnic!

Was headed back in the building and 3 tenants I used to visit with just looked at me. I was waiting for the elevator and heard a knock on the glass door. They realized it was me and we’re yelling OMG and giving me the thumbs up! Seriously how frigging awesome is it that others are so excited and happy for me!!! Many I don’t even know.



I am trying to get better about listening to my body. I did learn something this week while I was house sitting. I eat clean like really really clean and I went out and had a burrito bowl no tortilla and no sour cream with minimal cheese. Prior to starting this I had severe IBS and I have not had any issues since July… Until I ate the burrito bowl, 2 days of feeling literally like shit!

So lesson learned, even though I could have chosen worse, it was not like I am used to. The veggies were greasy and I am sure the beans were not vegetarian.

I am struggling more, feeling like I need to eat something else. Not hungry really just mentally slipping. I know I have to step up my water intake and I have to get to measuring and counting again. I have not weighed for a couple of weeks but did this morning and I am where I was a month ago. I am OK with the scale for the time being but I am not done and I need to get focused so I can meet goal and work on maintaining. I think it is important to continue to be honest and transparent about my journey so there ya go.


Was attempting to make salad rolls FAIL. but it made a good salad instead. Awesome hike this morning



Before I headed to bed a couple of days ago I checked my test results online and WOOOOT my A1C is even lower than the last test!!! YAY Beach Body, Shakeology, Clean Eating and 21 Day Fix continue to save my life!!

Standard range
9/16/15 4/8/16
HbA1c Monitor
<=7.9 %
Sep 2015 – 5.9 Apr 2016 – 5.6

This was the day I decided I wanted mexican food but had to walk to the restaurant to get it!3-300

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I am thankful for……

I have so much to be thankful for this year. It has been a year of incredible growth for me.

  • I have learned to make myself a priority
  • I am learning to lay to rest the old damaged me and replace her with a new healthy me
  • I have learned to appreciate the fact that I have a job that I love even on the days I do not love it so much
  • I have met some of the most incredible, supportive, amazing and wonderful people in this new journey to a healthier me
  • I have reconnected with old friends
  • I have been told I inspire and encourage others (what a gift this is to me)
  • I am finally truly happy in my own skin
  • Pounds and inches have been replaced with happiness, joy, muscles, self respect and an understanding I have never had before, just to name a few
  • I have become surrounded by THE most amazing, strong women. Coaches through #BeachBody who have given me so much support. Introduced to incredible women in the challenge groups who go through this same struggle and offer up support and advice as if we have been forever friends.

I love my life, I love where I live and the people I am surrounded by. If you had ever told me that in a short 4 months, my entire life would be changed forever by an incredible product called #Shakeology or a lifestyle change called #21dayfix and #cleaneating I would have thought you a bit touched! Never in a million years would I have thought I would be hiking and walking 6-15 miles a day! ME the woman who came home from work and lay on the couch until I went to bed!

I have started dog/house sitting for friends, it is like a mini vaca! Even when my rent was raised so much that I am unsure I can continue with my #Shakeology and this City I love so much is making it very difficult to afford to live in, I am much less stressed than I would have been a year ago. I am hoping I can find a way to continue with the shakeo for a bit longer as I truly believe it has helped me in this journey, but if I cannot I will be able to find a way to continue on my journey to be healthy. My journey towards total healthy may get slowed a bit by it but I will not give up.

Life is what you make it and for the first time in my life I believe that I alone have the power to make mine any thing I want it to be and I choose AMAZING!!!

I signed up to be a coach for Beach Body, I have not really done much with that but I am so happy to say I have 2 wonderful women who have signed up under me. If you are interested in changing your life forever, for finding joy in the everyday things, to being able to start truly living your life, let me know I would love to share with you this amazing new lifestyle.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving day!!




Sometimes out of the blue….

Been kinda blueish this week, which kind of caught me off guard since I have been so happy. Monday was what would have been my beloved dads 85th birthday. I miss him, I miss his voice and his smell and his silly smile that you rarely saw.

I am missing my St. LunaTic, hard to believe that soon it will be a year since she left me. I lost both my beloved dogs 5 years apart almost to the day. I still miss Genny Any Dot…

Missing my kids, work is stressful, have not been able to do my daily hikes… I did not realize just how much I loved them, how much I crave walking up those hills. I have been walking after work and that helps but is not quite the same.

Today I commented to my friend that I was really kind of struggling this week feeling like I am just not satisfied, I have not had this feeling since starting this journey… Tonight it hit me why, I am stressed, stressed about work, my kids, my not getting my hikes in, sad that I am missing my dad and my pups… And Theresa from 3 months ago would have just ate mindlessly. Theresa now is mindful of not doing that. Again this whole clean eating has done so much more than just help me lose weight, my whole mindset it healthier now.

It was a good epiphany, I came home and walked 3 miles and then made a nice salad and then went back out and walked another 4.5 miles…thankfully the ominous skies did not rain on me! My mind was feeling better and then I got a text from my friend Jani… she had made me a Christmas gift and could not wait to show me until then. She posted the picture on my Facebook page and it brought me tears, happy beautiful tears… She painted a picture of my beloved Genny, Luna and I on a walk…

Not sure what I ever did to deserve the people that are in my life but I am eternally thankful for it. Hugs…

12227765_10207232891014852_3185267076077893020_n1 12 123 1234

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rain, rain, go away

Had to get one last walk in before the week or rain starts. I used to love the rain before I started getting healthy and hiking, now I want it to go away!!!

I went to Mt. Tabor again and decided since my calves here killing me from yesterdays stairs that I would take an easier trail to warm up. I had also decided I was going to the other stairs I had seen the day before. Now I know I said stairs were not my friend, but they are going to be my friend even if I have to force them to be!!! So I walked those beasts!! And there were a lot of them.

Finally made my way to the top and ended up chatting with a gal walking her dog. As we talked she told me about how she never wanted dogs but her husband had worked on her for 7 years and she finally relented. 12 weeks later he died unexpectedly, leaving her with a puppy she never wanted. She told me that sweet Lilly saved her life, that she got her through the darkest days of her life. I got goosebumps and tears listening to her talk about it, I said he gave you an amazing gift and she agreed. That was 5 years ago and they are inseparable now. We talked for close to 30 minutes and then went our separate ways. Such an amazing feeling talking to a stranger like we were old friends.

Below are pictures of each set of stairs!!! There are tons of them. Even though I did not get the amount of steps I usually do I kicked ass on floors!!! Going to forgo my nightly walk and take a hot soak instead. I think it is safe to say when your window fogs up as soon as you get in the car, you worked up a sweat!

20151027_164534 20151027_164956 20151027_165934 20151027_170012 20151027_170017 20151027_170056 20151027_170120 20151027_170136 20151027_170304 20151027_170418 20151027_170505-1 20151027_170745 20151027_170849  20151027_170900 20151027_173416-1 20151027_174525 20151027_175537

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from victim to victor

I have an addictive personality, and up until the last 10 weeks it did not work out well for me. As a kid I became addicted to drugs and alcohol and cigarettes, when I got off the drugs and alcohol I became addicted to drinking an 8 pack of Dr. Pepper a day, I switched that addiction to gallons of ice tea a day. If you have been following me you know my addiction to food was a way of coping with my sadness and pain. I quit cold turkey a 3 pack a day smoking habit 21 years ago but alas started eating more food as well. I have now become addicted to clean eating and walking, like super addicted to walking. OBSESSED with walking!! I never thought I would be THAT person.

The last week I have been staying at a friends house dog and cat sitting. I blogged about walking Mt. Tryon and Mt. Talbert on Saturday and how I did not make it to the top of Mt. Talbert. I decided I was going to conquer that mountain before I headed home. I am still proud of my stats for that day!


Sunday & Monday I walked at Happy Valley Park and the big parking lot at New Seasons, topped it off with a jaunt around the neighborhood.  Happy Valley Park is awesome it is this great area that has boardwalks built through the fields.


Tuesday I decided I was going to attempt get to the top of Mt. Talbert again. I made it 3/4 of the way and had to stop I got the WORST cramp in my calf and new I had to make my way back down. I was so bummed, I was so close. I went for another walk around the neighborhood after dinner. I still kicked butt that day.


Wednesday I was determined to conquer that mountain… and I did, I got to the top!!!! I broke out in tears, 10 weeks ago I could barely walk without pain and now in 3 tries I made it to the top of that mountain!!! NOW I was thinking it would an amazing view… not so much, there are lots of trees so instead I took a picture of the sky.

23top of talber

Thursday I went for a walk with a friend and her dog after work and ate Mexican food. I eat so clean this was scary to me but I did salad with black beans, chicken and Pico NO sour cream!!

Cha Cha Cha is a great place to eat for you Portland peeps, all locally sourced and hormone free.


As fun as it was to hang with the cute furbabies, and get all sorts of exercise in, I am happy to be home. I did get some prepping in using her awesome kitchen and my  new pot! Chili and all my fruits and veggies!!

12038354_1476403972664361_5413271563672772666_n (1)  chili

I have not gotten to weigh in over a week. Cannot wait to step on the scale tomorrow and see if I am finally off my plateau. Sunday is my weigh and measure day so will be interesting. Even if I did not lose weight or inches that is ok my NSV this week are beyond better than losing a pound or inch!!!

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what a great saturday!!!

I am dog/cat sitting for a friend, they have 2 English bulldogs (Lula Bell & Emerson) 1 French Bull dog  Annie Mae) and 2 Persian cats (Remington & Artimas)!


Not only did they stock the fridge with all sorts of healthy foods for me I was gifted this amazing Le Creuset! I have always wanted one. 20150918_171208-1

Met a friend for a healthy breakfast and ate a fig… I loved it! We shared a veggie scramble and this amazing homemade bread.


We decided to head to Tryon Park for a walk, it was so beautiful, like being at the coast. No sounds but birds and the little creek and the occasional person.PhotoGrid_1442719966052PhotoGrid_1442719888193

I needed to head to my apartment to grab a few things and thought I would do my normal walk while laundry was drying. I need to find a different place to walk, flat hurts my shins, but the trails do not.

Got back to where I am staying and thought I would check out the trails nearby. I drove to the entrance and OMG!! Those trails were STEEP! This is where clean eating being amazing comes in. Even though I have lost 30 pounds I still weigh 249 lbs and walking up a steep incline is hard!!! But I ate a kale, edamame, chicken salad before going so that powered me up. I never thought I would be a believer of that sort of thing but it is so true. CLEAN EATING is the best drug I have ever done!!!

I kept looking thinking it has got to stop inclining!!! Finally it leveled out and I start walking down. I thought it would loop around to the second trail I saw. NO it took me across the street where I am staying lol. SO I had to walk back up and look back down.

I am really proud of myself, I did not give up and go back when it just got steeper I kept going. That walk was 25 flights of stairs added to the earlier 17 flights woooot.

I came home and made an awesome veggie and fruit dinner. So good. AND I was feeling like I was so close to getting 15,000 steps I went for yet another walk lol. I did it! I hit 15,000 steps, 48 flights of stairs, 6.56 miles and 97 active minutes. To think 9 weeks ago I could barely walk down my hall at my apartments without hurting.


I think I have earned a soak in her giant jetted tub!!! Sweet dreams my friends, tomorrow is a new and wonderful day.